About Me


I’m Kat Gabrielle, CEO & Co-Founder of 2050Work, Career Coach & Organizational Change Advisor

My personal and professional mission is to ensure that underrepresented groups are no longer underrepresented in innovative industries.

I do so by subscribing to the following:

Working as the Operations & HR Manager in some of NYC’s leading agencies has taught me to harness, and not suppress, my natural propensity for empathy. Over the last 5 years, I’ve worn many hats - recruiting, human resource administration, operations, onboarding, culture-building and so on, each carrying its own level of importance. None, however, have been more rewarding than compassionately addressing the needs of organizations and the people that comprise them.

As a woman of color in digital, advertising, and tech spaces, nothing means more to me than providing room for underrepresented groups to thrive where we historically have not. 

I founded and beta launched the early-stage startup, 2050Work - a job site which connects underrepresented candidates to innovative companies in tech and creative industries. 

Since its inception in 2016, I’ve sourced a growing community of candidates of color, partnered with companies to improve internal diversity initiatives, and led a skilled team of techies and creatives who deeply understand the benefits of equity and equality.

I’ve worked tirelessly to improve employee experience, diversity, innovation, and leadership in and out of the workplace as well as to positively affect the changing social and professional climate.

Kat Gabrielle is the Co-Founder of 2050Work, D&I Consultant, and Empowerment Coach. Find her on LinkedIn or kat@2050.work.

2050Work - Jobs for people of color in creative and tech. Currently in beta in NYC. Say hello@2050.work